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One none derpy photo...

Hey there!

A week ago a few friends and I had planned to gussy ourselves up and go on a picnic to Roger Williams Park's Japanese gardens for a lovely picnic.

We had several types of yummy tea sandwiches (first time I have tried any), some amazing onigiri with chicken filling, and I made strawberry heart donuts and cupcakes! Everyone bought something they made and it was all really delicious! I'm getting hungry thinking about it f^_^;...

Anywho, I decided I want to share my coord with you.

♤♤Outfit Rundown♤♤

♥Blouse: Anna House♥
♧Boater Hat/Tights/Bag/Wristcuffs/Rings: Some Off~Brand, Some Vintage♧
☂Parasol: Lumiebre Fraulien Alice☂
♤Bracelet: Metamorphose♤
★Shoes: Alice and the Pirates★
♥Jsk: Handmade by me♥

I have more pictures on my blog, where you'll find the recipe for the cupcake/doughnuts and madelanes I made:

Thanks for looking!

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