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2 Project Registrations : Angelic Pretty ドレスリボンブローチブラウス blouse and wristcuffs

Project Title: Angelic Pretty blouse, ドレスリボンブローチブラウス.

Short Project Description: A white ruffly blouse with ribbon and pearls.

Projected Deadline: January 14, 2013

Pattern(s) Used: Angelic Pretty ドレスリボンブローチブラウス from GLB 45

Materials needed: 2 yards of white fabric, white thread, white buttons, pattern chalk, and pearls.

Challenges or obstacles: Getting neat buttons and translating all of the pattern.

Project Title: Cream wrist cuffs.

Short Project Description: Just a simple pair of cream wrist cuffs.

Projected Deadline: January 19, 2013.

Pattern(s) Used: An old GLB pattern.

Materials needed: Cream Lace, cream thread, .

Challenges or obstacles: None really.

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